Waxed Canvas & Leather Car Seat Protector Hammock // Chocolate
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Can't seem to find a car hammock that doesn't fall apart within a few months? Or maybe you have a luxurious vehicle and would like a nicer hammock to match your car's style? Our beautifully crafted Waxed Canvas and Leather Car Seat Hammock is the best of both worlds. The durable waxed canvas fabric combined with sleek leather edging, straps and accents will leave nothing more to be desired! Waxed canvas has been used for centuries and is valued for its longevity and durability. It is both waterproof and dirt proof and just requires a quick sweep or spray of water to clean it off. This beauty will never have to be thrown in the wash. Our leather headrest straps with metal buckles ensure a sturdy construction that will never break. The hammock features leather-edged seat belt slots and tension bars to keep your hammock snug to your seat. 



  • Water and dirt repellent fabric
  • Easy to clean with just the spray of a hose
  • Double reinforced leather straps
  • Seat belt pockets for access to seat belt clip
  • Tension bars to keep hammock in place


Please view our hammock diagram and double-check your vehicle's measurements before purchasing this product. We do not offer shipping refunds. Please note that headrest straps are specifically spaced 9" apart to allow for hammocks to be used in multiple makes and models. A single set of headrest straps do not have to be spaced exactly like your vehicle.

Large - 51" wide (door to door) x 58" long

XLarge - 54" wide (door to door) x 64" long