Wild Hound Brand Reps

These cuties are the face of Wild Hound Outfitters for the term of February 2017 to April 2017. Brand reps receive free and discounted Wild Hound gear! Would you like to be a future brand rep? Follow us on Instagram to see how. @wildhoundoutfitters 

Lee Ann and Indy, @indythegoldendoodle

Indy is a fun loving Goldendoodle from Atlanta whose favorite activities include playing, fetching, and going on adventures. He was named 9 Most Important ATLien dogs of Instagram by Creative Loafing and 25 Best Doodles and Poodles on the Internet by Barkpost. He also organizes, with the help of his mom's thumbs, #atligdogromp events for 200 of his closest friends. In his spare time, he is a top dog model and is training to be therapy dog.


Louise and Junior, @junior_the_copenhagen_lab

Hi. My name is Louise and Junior is my dog. Junior is a 6 year old Labrador. We love training, hiking, long walk and just being outside and spending time together. Junior is also visiting people living in retirement homes and helping kids that have problems reading. Junior is always happy and loves his food, swimming and running.


Katherine and Robin, @robinventures


Robin’s my heart dog, the little mutt that I chose from a grainy photo and guilted my landlord into letting me adopt. He bonded with me from our second day together. He’s the little bundle of anxiety that got me to start hiking and now I keep doing it for the pleasure of capturing his wild glee on the trail. I straddle the line between worrying about his safety as he peers over edges and tears through snake territory, and letting his spirit run free because why take him out there if he can’t feel the wind on his face?


Caitlin and Guinness, @guinness_the_gsd

Guinness and I have been together since Spring 2015, and have been hitting the trails ever since! He was found running the streets and shortly after, I rescued him from the humane society. He loves nothing more in the world than being on the trail, and always knows we are close when the tires hit the forest service road — he intently stares out the front window, looking for the trail head!