Our Story

Wild Hound Outfitters started out in 2013 as J&B Custom Leather, a small leather business that focused primarily on dog collars. Things have changed quite a bit since we opened up our small Etsy shop and worked out of the attic of a barn. Hard work, dedication and most importantly the amazing support of our friends, family, customers and followers have allowed us to expand to offer more amazing products! Our new products are handmade from individuals all over the US. We are so incredibly thankful for each and every person that makes a purchase with us or spreads the word of our business. We could not have ever imagined that we would have made and sold dog collars to customers on nearly every continent of the world! We hope with this new line of products that we will be able to continue the tradition of quality and beautifully handcrafted goods that last a lifetime.


Because the unfortunate reality of it, is that most of us will outlive our dogs. They quickly age and get arthritis, cataracts and hip dysplasia, as we slowly age and sadly watch our best friends become weak, stop eating and fade. It’s hard to understand how we can live so much longer, when these four legged creatures have so much heart and understanding of the world. They make our lives better; complete. Without them, without that shadow following us around, or the paw sticking under the bathroom door, or the pillow shredded throughout the house, we would be empty. The only thing we have left, when they are gone, are memories, pictures and a few of their favorite things. Our collars are meant to be one of those things. We don’t just make our collars to be pretty. We make them to outlive and outlast, so one day, after your precious pup has passed, you can pick up that collar and recall all of the wonderful memories that you had together.

Our collars are crafted by the hands of my husband and I. There is no large facility or shop where a machine or group of workers spits out 100 collars a day. It’s just us. We craft each collar by hand with attention to the smallest details. At most, we make 10 collars a day, and that is how we like it. We like being able to put our own time, sweat and energy into each and every piece. We like being able to create each collar to fit the personality and needs of each dog and owner. And we love when we get to create custom designs, because that means we get to connect with our customers and their dogs on a whole other level. We get to know their story and find out their favorite activities. We get to put a face to the collar and think about all of the wonderful experiences they will share together in their lifetime. And later on down the road when their best friend has passed, we have the joy of knowing that our collars will be there to recall all of the memories of their adventurous past. 

“Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss

We hope you love and enjoy your new collar and all of the new products that Wild Hound offers.

Trevor and Bridget Tuckey


Glory be to God!


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