Waxed Canvas Dog Bed // DARK OAK

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All LARGE beds are not kept in stock. All purchases made for these size beds are made-to-order and take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

Cool in the summer. Warm in the winter. Bacteria and microbe resistant. Renewable and biodegradable. Resists dirt and easy to clean. Moisture resistant and fire resistant. Fends off dust mites. And most importantly, this bed will last a LONG LONG time. What more could you want from a comfy place for your wild hound to sleep?

These amazing and durable beds are exclusive to Wild Hound Outfitters. We offer three choices for your best friend; Cover only, Cover with Wool Insert or Cover with Memory Foam Insert. Each of the wool beds are stuffed with 6" to 8" of luxurious sheep wool which comes from a picturesque sheep farm in New York. Our wool is 100% natural sheep wool that has not had any chemical treatment. The memory foam beds are stuffed with a 4" memory foam pad that your pup will melt into. Either of these heavenly insert choices will give your dog the support and comfort that they deserve. The waxed canvas has a beautiful crinkle finish that will be enhanced with time. It requires only minimal care to maintain its appearance and can go years without having to be washed. The wax formula is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Each bed has a built in zipper to allow you to wash the exterior of the bed whenever required.

Specifications: Medium 24" x 24", Large 25" x 35", XLarge 35" x 45" 

Custom sizes available upon request.

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