We are closing the leather shop.

We are closing the leather shop.

December 02, 2020

We made an announcement on our social media a couple of weeks ago about the changes and seasons of our current life. February 2021 will mark eight years since we started our leather business out of desperation in the loft of our horse barn. It's been an incredible journey that has grown far beyond anything we ever could have imagined. We've worked with so many people around the world, from Spain to Australia to Singapore and Ireland, and we are so incredibly grateful for each and every customer and each and every dog that we have come to know. After many months of thought and prayer, we have decided to STOP selling and crafting leather dog collars at the end of the year, December 31st, 2020. In 2018, after many years of working for the business full-time, I decided to return back to my passion, children and teaching. We have had some wonderful employees over the years and my husband took over for them in 2018, as well. His passion is in engineering and he has been in school the past few years. In 2021, he will be taking his first-ever full-time engineering position! We have considered hiring an employee to take over what he is leaving behind, but at this point in our lives we have decided to hold off on leather orders indefinitely. Our plans may not work out (as 2020 has taught us) but as of right now leather orders will officially close on December, 31st, 2020. It is possible that we will open our leather shop back up at a later date OR that we will get our collars manufactured, but we are not certain what the future holds.  We are not taking this lightly and are hoping and praying that this is the right decision for our family. We will continue to sell our non-leather dog products such as ceramic bowls, sheepskin beds, waterproof collars, antlers, and the remaining inventory of our waxed canvas dog beds for an extended period of time. We do not have any plans on closing orders on those products at this time. Our entire website will be 20% off on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday, November 30th, is the last day to place Christmas orders for leather dog collars. All leather orders placed between December 1st and December 31st are NOT guaranteed to be received by Christmas and will most likely be shipped out after Christmas. We would like to say THANK YOU to each and every person and “Wild Hound” that we have had the opportunity to make a dog collar for. Our leather business blossomed out of the desire to make a lasting piece of art for the amazing animals that we get to call man’s best friend and we have continued to hold onto that mission throughout the years. This is a little excerpt from our website about the importance of what we do.

"Because the unfortunate reality of it, is that most of us will outlive our dogs. They quickly age and get arthritis, cataracts and hip dysplasia, as we slowly age and sadly watch our best friends become weak, stop eating and fade. It’s hard to understand how we can live so much longer, when these four legged creatures have so much heart and understanding of the world. They make our lives better; complete. Without them, without that shadow following us around, or the paw sticking under the bathroom door, or the pillow shredded throughout the house, we would be empty. The only thing we have left, when they are gone, are memories, pictures and a few of their favorite things. Our collars are meant to be one of those things. We don’t just make our collars to be pretty. We make them to outlive and outlast, so one day, after your precious pup has passed, you can pick up that collar and recall all of the wonderful memories that you had together.

Our collars are crafted by the hands of my husband and I. There is no large facility or shop where a machine or group of workers spits out 100 collars a day. It’s just us. We craft each collar by hand with attention to the smallest details. At most, we make 10 collars a day, and that is how we like it. We like being able to put our own time, sweat and energy into each and every piece. We like being able to create each collar to fit the personality and needs of each dog and owner. And we love when we get to create custom designs, because that means we get to connect with our customers and their dogs on a whole other level. We get to know their story and find out their favorite activities. We get to put a face to the collar and think about all of the wonderful experiences they will share together in their lifetime. And later on down the road when their best friend has passed, we have the joy of knowing that our collars will be there to recall all of the memories of their adventurous past. 

“Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss

We hope you love and enjoy your new collar and all of the new products that Wild Hound offers."

Thank you for trusting us to make an everlasting product for your pups. We wish you and your best friends all the love in the world. 

Trevor and Bridget Tuckey

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