Wild Hound Brand Rep Contest

by Bridget Tuckey February 10, 2015

Do you want to be a Wild Hound?! Do you you want to receive free Wild Hound gear?! If you do, this is the chance of a lifetime! We are looking for four brand reps that will showcase our brand and gear over the next three months.

WHO are we looking for?

Wild Hound is looking for four Instagram accounts that enjoy exploring the great outdoors with their pups and/or enjoy sharing inspirational interior decorating ideas. We are most interested in accounts that take high quality images.

WHEN is the contracted term for brand reps?

All brand reps will be contracted for the months of February, March and April.

WHAT do the brand reps receive?

  1. Each brand rep will have their choice of the following items (Available stock may vary.):
    1. February: Rope Leash or Trout Collar or Waxed Canvas Bowl or Doggie Bandana
    2. March: Stoneware Ceramic Bowl in color and size of brand rep’s choice
    3. April: 60% OFF brand rep's choice of any Wild Hound leather dog collar or any color Sheepskin Rug & Bed
  2. Each brand rep will receive a Wild Hound Outfitters t-shirt in the color and size of the brand rep’s choice. (Available stock may vary.)
  3. Each brand rep will have a feature page on the Wild Hound Outfitters website. This page will include a picture, a brief story about said brand rep and their dog(s), and links to their Instagram and other social media pages.

WHAT will be required of the brand reps?

  1. Wild Hound Outfitters asks that each brand rep post at least 4 pictures each month (February, March & April) of their Wild Hound Outfitters product. In the caption of each picture we ask that the brand rep tag @wildhoundoutfitters, include the name of the product that is in the picture, along with the Wild Hound Outfitters' website, www.wildhoundoutfitters.com, and our hashtag #ImAWildHound. We also ask that each brand rep tags Wild Hound Outfitters, @wildhoundoutfitters, in the actual picture.
  2. By posting a picture of a Wild Hound Outfitters product, each brand rep automatically gives Wild Hound Outfitters permission to share that image on the Wild Hound Outfitters Instagram, Facebook and website.
  3. Wild Hound Outfitters asks that each brand rep host the Wild Hound Outfitters April giveaway. The tentative dates are April 7-13.
  4. Wild Hound Outfitters asks that each brand rep write reviews, of their products, on the Wild Hound Outfitters' website, www.wildhoundoutfitters.com.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: All reps will receive their choice of February’s product immediately as well as their t-shirt and feature page on the Wild Hound Outfitters' website. In order for reps to receive their March and April products they MUST meet sections 1, 2 and 5 of the brand rep requirements. If brand rep does not meet these requirements, this contract will be terminated.
    1. Breakdown: The first week of February all reps will receive their choice of product from February’s list. Over the course of February all reps must post at least four pictures of their February Wild Hound Outfitters product. During this time, brand reps will need to leave a review on the Wild Hound Outfitters website for their February product. If said brand rep has not posted at least four pictures of their February product or they have not left a review, they will not receive their products for March and April and this contract will be terminated immediately. All brand reps that have fulfilled the February requirements will receive their March product somewhere between February 24th and March 2nd. Over the course of March, reps will need to post at least four pictures of their March product and leave a review. Again, if these requirements have not been met for March the brand rep’s contract will be immediately terminated and the will not receive their April product. Once these requirements have been met the April products will be sent out between March 27th and 31st.


Bridget Tuckey
Bridget Tuckey